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Pressure Wash Before Painting

It is highly recommended to pressure wash a house before painting, to remove as much dirt, dust, and grime as possible. Pressure washing will clean and get rid of flakes of paint, rust, and other debris from your home’s exterior walls and surfaces. Contact RPW ProWash today now at (779) 348-3135 If you need external house […]

Storefront Cleaning Northern IL

Storefront Cleaning Northern IL Storefront Cleaning Northern IL: Cleaning Up Your Storefront Regularly Is Important. Keeping up appearances of your storefront is more important than you think! A clean store is always more welcoming. It’s your business’ first impression so you should never overlook it, and instead, give it all the attention it deserves. Investing […]

External House Pressure Washing

External House Pressure Washing External House Pressure Washing: Should You Pressure Wash Your House Exterior Before Painting? First, it is not just the inside of your house that gets dirty. The exterior of your house, including the siding, driveway, roof, deck, and walkways can accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, grime, and even mildew. External […]

Benefits Of Wood Deck Restoration #1

Increased Visual Appeal- The first thing you’ll notice when you re-stain your wood deck is an increase in its visual appeal. If you hire a professional and experienced wood restoration company Northern IL, you are assured of high-quality service that guarantees excellent results that will significantly improve the beauty of your deck. Contact RPW ProWash at (779) 348-3135 […]

Benefits of Cleaning or Replacing Kitchen Hood Filters

Consider cleaning, maintaining, or replacing (if necessary) your kitchen hood filters routinely to: Ensure optimal grease extraction, Prevent grease from dropping from the filter onto the cooking surface, Get rid of grease to ensure effective airflow and filter performance of the exhaust, etc. Contact RPW ProWash today at (779) 348-3135 if you are looking for a hood filter cleaning […]

Home Concrete Surfaces

Your home’s concrete surfaces can significantly affect the overall curb appeal even though it may not be the highlight of your property, and therefore, you should keep it clean and well-maintained. Contact RPW ProWash today at (779) 348-3135 If you are looking for a professional concrete cleaning company Rockford.

What Is Wood Deck Restoration?

Wood deck restoration can be a simple job – or a difficult and more intensive job – depending on the condition and age of your wood deck. If your deck is just a few years old, it may only need a good cleaning and a fresh coat of hand-brushed stain to restore its former glory. […]

Deep Concrete Cleaning For Driveways & Sidewalks

While concrete may require relatively low maintenance, it’s prone to staining and discoloration, being a porous material, making it extremely hard to properly clean. The constant exposure to the elements couple with the high volume of foot and vehicle traffic can cause concrete to wear out and deteriorate over time. Contact RPW ProWash today at (779) 348-3135 If you […]

Wood Restoration Company Northern IL

Wood Restoration Company Northern IL Spring is finally here! So, it means now is the perfect time to repair and maintain some of the exterior parts of your home which may have been ravaged by last year’s season elements. You will need to look for a professional, reliable, and experienced wood restoration company Northern IL […]