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Roof Cleaning – Ever wonder how to remove those ugly black streaks and stains off your roof? With a roof cleaning that is how. Ever wonder what they are? Many people call those streaks on your roofs mold, algae, stains, fungus growth, or dirt. What is on your roof is actually a type of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. This algae transfers from one roof to the next through spores in the air. These spores land on your asphault shingle roof and typically begin growing on the north facing side where the roof stays moist longer. In areas of warm humid conditions such as Northern Illinois, or Schaumburg IL this algae thrives.

Once the Gloeocapsa Magma or black mold has begun to grow on your roof typically from the gutters up. The algae becomes a food source for other pests such as lichen and moss. The root structures from the lichen and moss on your roof begins to break apart the granules from your shingles leaving your roof not only discolored, “dirty” and blotchy but also decreases the life of your roof. So have a professional roof cleaning

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