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A running restaurant generates a lot of grease and therefore needs to organize for hood cleaning services on a consistent basis. The law requires commercial entities such as restaurants to organize a regular cleaning system for their exhaust hoods. As one of the leading service providers in cleaning restaurant hoods, we are dedicated to offering our clients an exceptional service. We have been in the business for a while and many restaurants trust us to clean their hoods.

One of the reasons that clients prefer our service is because we operate on a 24 hour basis. Considering that many restaurants are open until late, they can count on us to perform our duties on short notice at any time of the day or night. On occasions when the client does not have an emergency, we prefer to conduct a free initial inspection before commencing the work. The inspection allows us to gauge the amount of work that needs to be done. Armed with the information, we can then give our client an estimate of the time the cleaning task will take.

Many restaurants choose to work with us because we do a thorough hood cleaning job. Should you contract us, we take the time to clean both the interior and exterior of the hood. During the process, we use tried and tested methods that leave your hood free from grease. During the cleaning session, we will also remove and replace the filter. We understand that the exhaust fan is a key part of the entire exhaust system. For this reason, we inspect and service the exhaust fan so that it can offer you good service for a long period.

Our Technicians – Hood Cleaning Service

It is always advisable to work with registered companies. You will be pleased to learn that our business is fully registered and has all the necessary local authority licenses. Restaurants are legally required to work with cleaning companies with qualified technicians. Our team of cleaners is not only vastly experienced but also includes members that have the relevant certifications. As a responsible business, we also adhere to acceptable environmental standards.

Once we are set to begin the cleaning, we deploy our best equipment such as high pressure hot water and steam equipment. The hot water is necessary to remove stubborn grease that is usually stuck on the hood. Depending on the state of the hood, we can also release our high-grade degreaser in order to offer you the results that you desire.

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Hood Cleaning
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