Patio Pressure Washing Northern IL

Patio Pressure Washing Northern IL

Patio Pressure Washing Northern IL

Patio Pressure Washing Northern IL: Tips for Patio Cleaning & Maintenance.

A clean, beautiful, and well-maintained patio is the ideal place to relax with friends and family, read a book, and get maximum enjoyment from your garden and any warm summer weather we might be lucky enough to have. A few small maintenance and cleaning tasks – such as patio pressure washing Northern IL – throughout the year will keep your patio looking its best and prevent the need for any major repairs, renovation, or replacement.

Regularly Sweep Your Patio to Avoid Stains

Give your patio a good sweep with a yard brush whenever you see a build-up of leaves, dirt and debris. Decaying leaves can leave permanent stains on concrete and paving, and wet leaves can also be hazardous to walk on. As the leaves fall in autumn, a leaf blower can be a useful tool to keep your patio clear.

Spring Clean Your Paving

Spring is the ideal time to give your patio a good clean; the worst of the weather has come to an end and it will make sure your patio is ready to use as soon as the good summer weather arrives.

Pressure washing, also known as power washing, is an efficient and effective way to clean most types of paving.

Please follow the instructions of your paving manufacturer or supplier as some low-cement, cast and natural stone products will require low-pressure cleaning with a regular hose and brush to avoid damage.

Here are more of our top tips for pressure washing and maintaining your patio paving:

  • Choose a pressure washer nozzle that provides a strong stream of water to remove stubborn algae and moss, but do not point it at the one spot for too long as this may cause damage. You should wear safety goggles and gloves while doing this job, as pieces of debris may fly toward your eyes.
  • If you have neglected your patio for some time it may be necessary to use a suitable outdoor detergent to remove stubborn stains. Apply as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Pressure washing can roughen surfaces which can encourage the regrowth of algae and moss; you can counteract this by using a fungicide detergent that will kill moss, algae and mildew.
  • If you remove the sand between the joints while power washing, replace it with an appropriate sand or patio joint filler. This will prevent weeds from growing in the joints of your patio.
  • Watch out for large cracks forming in the paving, as they will allow water to penetrate the concrete and erode it. Filling the cracks with a concrete patch product is quick and easy and will prevent massive repair work in the future.
  • Ideally, after patio pressure washing Northern IL, you should let it dry completely and then seal it to waterproof it and prolong the results of your cleaning efforts. This step is important and often overlooked. It helps prevent erosion of your paving and improves its resistance to dirt and stains. Many sealers will enhance the beauty and color of the paving too. Apply the waterproofing sealer to your dry and clean patio, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Clean & Care for Patio Furniture

Look out for any small signs of wear on your patio furniture that may be easily repaired now. Large cracks or other structural defects can pose a danger to you and your guests and these items should be replaced.

Plastic and synthetic rattan furniture on your patio can be cleaned with a power washer, while wooden and metal furniture should be hand-washed. After cleaning and drying, wooden furniture should be treated with a wood preservative or varnish.

Finishing Touches for Your Patio

  • Remove and discard any of last year’s annual plants, as well as any weeds of course, and refill with new compost and flowers. This will freshen and brighten your patio for spring and summer.
  • Tidying away tools and equipment into your garden shed will help create a relaxing environment.
  • Clean, treat and paint any fences, walls and sheds in your patio area to avoid being reminded of the jobs that await you as you try to relax!

General Patio Maintenance Tips

  • Reseal every 2 or 3 years – Like waxing a car, resealing your concrete patio makes it as vibrant as the day it was installed.
  • Be careful with salt – Deicing salts or even rock salt from an ice cream maker can be harmful to the sealer on your patio.
  • Don’t let leaves or other debris linger – Remove anything that could cause stains immediately. Concrete is porous and can absorb dirt and debris.
  • Use saucers underneath potted plants – This will prevent water, soil and fertilizer from draining onto your concrete and leaving stains or growing mold.
  • Install a shade structure – Not only will you be more comfortable outside on your patio during summer, but protection from direct UV rays will extend the life of decorative finishes and sealers.
  • Make sure downspouts don’t drain onto your patio – Direct runoff into your landscape where the water can soak into the ground. Or connect your downspouts to a patio drain system.

Patio Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for All Seasons

While it’s best to clean your patio in spring due to the ideal temperatures, doing proactive maintenance work all year round will contribute to the longevity of your structure.


Although Autumn has already begun, it is not too late to catch up on some patio pressure washing Northern IL if the temperature is still bearable:

  • Trim nearby trees and bushes that are too close to any part of your patio. If you leave them be, it could encourage the growth of mold, moss and mildew.
  • Wash down your patio roof with a spray hose pack or pressure washer filled with mild cleaners. With patios that utilize insulated roofing systems, avoid using harmful chemicals that can potentially damage the material.
  • Gather and properly dispose of fall leaves and other debris. Don’t let them pile up in the gutters, corners, and roof.
  • Inspect your patio ceiling for mold growth, especially the damp or humid areas. Before unleashing your dust and sponge mop, make sure to clear your all items and furniture on the patio.


In preparation for winter, set aside large outdoor furniture and put them in a dry and cool storage area. An ideal location would be a garage or if there is enough space indoors, you can bring them inside.

Other items like small coffee tables, pillows and rugs should be inside the house to avoid being damaged by wet weather.


As mentioned earlier, spring is the ideal time to thoroughly clean your patio. Bring out the furniture and other items you kept in storage for the winter, but before putting them back in their place, do the following:

  • Remove and sweep any debris or dirt on the surface of your patio.
  • Then use a mild cleanser to thoroughly wash wooden surfaces. For composites, use a solution that is specifically for composite material. For Vinyl, warm water and mild soap will do.
  • If your patio is exceptionally dirty, consider using a pressure washer for deep cleaning and efficiency.
  • After thorough patio cleaning Northern IL, sealing can help maintain the beauty and extend the lifespan of your structure. Consider the best option for your patio. For instance, a clear sealer will still show wood’s natural grain and color while solid and opaque seals will help mitigate weather damage.


The warm and dry weather during summer can further help with patio cleaning and maintenance. However, with the US recording summer 2021 as the hottest on record for the past 126 years, make sure to stay properly hydrated when working outside:

  • Remove nearby weeds. Inspect and clean up any area of your patio that is a few inches away from the ground (e.g. downspouts)
  • Check for signs of rotting, wherever it may be (e.g. posts, stairs, joists) and mark those areas for future reference when making the necessary repairs.

Patio Pressure Washing Northern IL

Cleaning a patio will require some form of sweeping, hosing and scrubbing. The degree of effort in which you execute them will largely depend on what the weather conditions permit you to do.

If you need help with cleaning and maintaining your patio, contact RPW ProWash today for top-quality and safe patio pressure washing Northern IL. Please feel free to call us now at (779) 348-3135 or contact us online to get a FREE, no-obligation quote.

Patio Pressure Washing Northern IL

Patio Pressure Washing Northern IL

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