Soft Washing

Soft Washing Service Northern Illinois

Soft Washing Service Northern Illinois

Soft Washing Service Northern Illinois: Restore the beauty and longevity of your property with soft washing!

When people visit your home, the first thing that they see is the exterior surface of your house. Therefore, visitors often form the first impression of your home largely based on the appearance of your driveway, siding, and surfaces of your home. A dirty, grimy, or moldy siding can ruin the appearance of your house. We enjoy natural weather patterns and the mild climate in Illinois that creates a conducive environment for the growth of these types of contaminants in your home. Ensure that they’re safely removed as soon as possible before they make your property look dirty and ugly, and reduce its curb appeal drastically. At RPW ProWash, we have a team of experts that can do the job diligently, efficiently, and effectively. Our soft washing service Northern Illinois will bring back the curb appeal of your home and the cleanliness of the exterior surfaces.

How Does Soft Washing Work?

Soft washing is a technique in which an eco-friendly mix of detergents is applied to a building or surface under low pressure. Specially developed ‘soft wash’ detergents are blended to form a special mix for treating organic and non-organic staining.

The nature of the structure will determine the period in which the chemical mix will remain on the surface of the property before it’s rinsed off with water under low pressure as well. Both water and steam is used in the soft washing process.

After this process:

  • All organic growth and infestation will be removed
  • Most carbon staining and all cobwebs/spinnerets, insect nests, etc. will be removed as well
  • A Thermotech machine will be used to gently steam and get rid of any more persistent stains
  • Upon the removal of growth/staining above, our expert will apply a final wash to neutralize any chemical residue left and apply a finishing waxing soap to help slow down any regrowth of organic life on your building.

Advantages of Soft Washing 

Soft washing service Northern Illinois offers many advantages due to the use of low-pressure washing system, including:

  • Unlike traditional pressure washing, soft washing is less abrasive and destructive as it uses a low-pressure system.
  • Soft washing gets rid of algae and organic growth completely to ensure it doesn’t spread and re-spore/re-grow nearby
  • Being a low-pressure and more effective system, soft washing does not waste water
  • Soft washing is environmentally friendly because it uses water-based and biodegradable detergents
  • Safe for cleaning old render and pebble dash
  • It delivers longer-lasting results

Benefits of Soft Washing Service 

  1. Maintains Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Any home will start to look shabby after several months of rough weather. Once dirt starts to collect, the plant matter will soon take over. Blotches, streaks, and stains will start to develop on the siding, sidewalks, roofs, and driveway and eventually, your home will look ugly.

Proper maintenance of the outside of your home is vital to ensure its features and fixtures look their best. Keep your house looking the best with regular soft washing and cleaning of your home.

Soft washing cleans off the dirt and gets rid of all bacteria and contaminants fully. As a result, your house will not only look beautiful, but its value will increase as well.

Soft washing your roof, deck, and siding regularly to make your home look beautiful. It will also kill bacteria, thus stopping these organisms from growing and spreading. Soft washing service Northern Illinois removes those ugly stains that give your home a shabby look and restores it to look good as new.

  1. Keeps Your Family Healthy

Once mold and mildew start to grow on the exterior of your house, then these bacteria will soon grow inside. You and your family will suffer from a whole slew of respiratory problems and allergic reactions if these bacteria spread inside the house.

Any mold growth should be cleaned off the moment it starts growing on the exterior of your home. Soft washing your home will not only reduce mold and mildew, but it will also kill these organisms at their roots.

This means you and your family will stay safe and healthy because you will no longer be exposed to mildew or mold.

  1. Increases the Longevity of Your House

Besides putting your family healthy at risk, mildew growth can also extensive, costly damage to the exterior of your home. The lifespan of your roof can deteriorate due to damage, such as algae, fungi, and lichen on your shingles.

Soft washing your roof regularly will help to maintain it, thus avoiding damage. Therefore, your roof will stay strong and healthy for many more years to come. A dirty roof attracts more sunlight because of its dark color.

The sunlight will make your house warmer causing premature aging. It will also affect the siding of your home the same way. Your home will deteriorate due to the growth of moss, algae, and bacteria and its longevity will reduce.

Our soft washing service Northern Illinois will keep your home clean and increase the lifespan of your roof, deck, and siding.

  1. Keeps Away Pests

You now know that soft washing helps to get rid of mold, moss, mildew, algae, dirt, and lichen on the exterior of your home. In addition, it will also get rid of pests trying to occupy your home.

Ensure the outside of your home is clean and tidy to keep away rodents, birds, roaches, and other pests. Hiring a professional to soft wash your home regularly helps to keep pests away.

  1. Saves You Money

A dirty and damaged roof will have to be replaced much sooner than a well-maintained roof. It can be costly to repair a roof.

Soft washing your roof will help to increase its lifespan and hence, it will take much longer before you repair or replace it.

Your house will look clean as new when you soft wash it. So, there will be no need to paint it. You will save the money that you could have spent on painting. Exterior home repairs cost tons of money, which could save with soft washing Illinois.

  1. Energy Savings

Your dirty, dark, stained roof is not just an eyesore, it also the cause for your skyrocketing electricity bill during summer. A dirty, dark roof absorbs more sunlight than a clean one.

When your roof absorbs too much sunlight, a lot of heat will be trapped in your attic, raising the temperature in your house. This eventually increases your electricity bill from blasting the A/C.

Once you have soft washed your roof, you will not incur high cooling costs during the hot summer months. It saves you energy.

Soft Washing Service Northern Illinois

Now that you know how beneficial soft washing is, why don’t you try it today. At RPW ProWash, we provide high-quality, effective, and safe soft washing service Northern Illinois. Call us today at (779) 348-3135 or fill out our contact form to get a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION quote!

Soft Washing Service Northern Illinois

Soft Washing Service Northern Illinois


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