Wood Restoration Company Northern IL

Wood Restoration Company Northern IL

Wood Restoration Company Northern IL

Spring is finally here! So, it means now is the perfect time to repair and maintain some of the exterior parts of your home which may have been ravaged by last year’s season elements. You will need to look for a professional, reliable, and experienced wood restoration company Northern IL to look at parts made of wood, such as fences, deck, patio, floors, etc. to restore their appearance and keep them in good condition to increase their life.

Breathe some life back into your wood deck or patio with our wood deck restoration service, which offers many benefits, and therefore, is worth investing in.

What Is Wood Deck Restoration?

Wood deck restoration can be a simple job – or a difficult and more intensive job – depending on the condition and age of your wood deck. If your deck is just a few years old, it may only need a good cleaning and a fresh coat of hand-brushed stain to restore its former glory!

However, if you have neglected your deck for a prolonged period, it may need a full wood restoration treatment to prevent potential damage and increase longevity.

Causes Of Damage To Your Wood Deck 

Due to its outdoor location and exposure to high foot traffic, a wood deck rotting and deterioration are inevitable if not properly maintained. The original stain weakens ever so slightly with every step taken across your deck’s surface. The same goes for exposure to different weather elements: snow, rain, hail, and even the sun can all wreak havoc on the integrity of your deck’s porous exterior.

Thankfully, you can do something to ensure your deck remains beautiful and in good working condition for years to come.

Benefits Of Wood Deck Restoration

As we mentioned above, restoring a deck to look like new again can be a simple or difficult task, depending on its current condition. However, the benefits of wood deck restoration cut across the board, including:

1) Increased Visual Appeal

The first thing you’ll notice when you re-stain your wood deck is an increase in its visual appeal. If you hire a professional and experienced wood restoration company Northern IL, you are assured of high-quality service that guarantees excellent results that will significantly improve the beauty of your deck.

After applying a fresh coat of stain to your deck, you will like its new appealing appearance. You will love spending time on the deck with your friends and family.

2) Add Value to Your Home

A wooden deck that hasn’t been maintained lowers the value of a property and is considered a liability for those looking to sell and/or purchase a home. However, a freshly restored wood deck can be a great asset that adds value to your property.

In fact, a well-maintained deck can even recoup up to 90 percent of the value considering the amount used to build and install it.

3) Prevent Your Deck From Rotting

The wood will start to deteriorate if your deck isn’t re-stained regularly. In severe cases, your deck can even begin to rot away, forcing you to incur unnecessary costs replacing the failing parts or even rebuilding your entire deck.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you re-stain your deck at least every two to three years.

Want To Restore Your Wood Deck Today?

Do you have a wood deck or patio that needs to be restored to make it an attractive place to relax and unwind for you and your friends and family? Don’t embark on this journey alone!

You can look for an experienced, reputable wood restoration company Northern IL, such as RPW ProWash, to help you thoroughly clean and re-stain your deck at affordable rates to make it look new again.

Feel free to request a free, no-obligation quote tailored to meet your needs and budget. We look forward to working with you! Call us at (779) 348-3135 or contact us online.

Deck Restoration

Taking good care of your deck is important, but it’s not an easy job. It involves a lot of work. Over time, the boards and wood will wear and tear weakening your deck or even cause damage. The painting and color will fade away on a poorly maintained deck.

Keep in mind that it takes a good and thorough decking process to rejuvenate an old worn-out deck. That is why you shouldn’t allow your deck to get to a poor state before you work on its restoration. We are here to help you!

We use an innovative five-restoration process to transform a dull, weathered deck into a work of art. Just call us to do the job, and we will show you how!

Deck Sanding

Sanding a deck as an initial step is a perfect way to ensure its longevity. Our professionals fully understand how to do proper deck sanding, and its importance for a good refinishing job. We can maintain your deck through total surface sanding, including deck floor, boards, railings, and steps. This is good preparation for a full deck treatment.

Board Replacement

Any cracked or warped deck boards can compromise your safety. Our restoration process involves the replacement of the boards of up to 20% included to its standard rate. We properly inspect the frames, posts, and bolts to ensure they are in good condition. This way, we will provide you with the right reparative solution.

Deck Sealing

We do not want to leave stubborn unnoticeable small cracks on your deck since they may cause a bigger deck problem. To prevent this from happening, our professionals use a high-quality sealing application called epoxy polymer in any horizontal cracks on the floor and top rails of your deck.

Complete Deck Sanding

The process of restoring your deck will not be complete without thoroughly sanding it. We always do this to get rid of debris, old, worn-out paint, and sealer that may affect the overall appeal of your deck. We do complete deck sanding to ensure a refined and polished deck surface.

Deck Staining

We desire nothing but perfect restoration for your deck or patio. Part of our restoration work includes deck staining as the finishing touch to make your deck look great and prevent potential damage.

Through this process, we want your deck to achieve a long-lasting appeal while maintaining its natural look. Moreover, it will create an inviting environment that will create fond outdoor memories…

Wood Restoration Company Northern IL

Do you have a wood deck that is peeling or looking dull grey and want to give it a fresh new look? Are you planning for a big social event at your home and want the deck to look its best? If you’re looking for a professional, reliable, and experienced wood restoration company Northern IL to do the job, contact RPW ProWash now.

Call us at (779) 348-3135 or contact us online to get a Free, No-Obligation Estimate.


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Wood Restoration Company Northern IL

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