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Tips For Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

When it comes to the commercial kitchen, many things must be done to keep the area up to the standards of the local health inspection department. And, while some of these commercial kitchen cleaning requirements may seem pointless or merely busy work, the fact remains that if you want to have a restaurant, then you must maintain the standards that have been set.

So, if you are looking for ways to ensure that your commercial kitchen meets the health inspection standards, then taking a few minutes to read the list below might just be the best use of your time this week!

9 Jobs You Can’t Overlook When Cleaning Your Commercial Kitchen

Ask anyone in the restaurant environment, and they will tell you that the high standards and regulations of the health department can make for long hours of cleaning and that failure to do, can have dire results. Use these tips to improve your health inspection scores.

1. At least once a week – if not daily, use a 175-rpm buffer on the floors to loosen and remove any grease, oils, or stuck items that may be there. This will make mopping easier and ensure that the floors are clean.

2. Take time to clean off the menus. These are handled multiple times a day and are covered with germs. Do your part to keep them clean!

3.Take time to clean the condiment bottles. These, too, are often handled. By keeping them clean, you are making a cleaner, better presentation.

4. Be sure to clean the can openers! This is such a problem that many health inspectors check that item nearly immediately upon entering the commercial kitchen. It is recommended that you not just wipe down the can opener, but that soak it in a cleaning solution every day.

5. Consider how many times the ice machine is used in the commercial kitchen. Be sure to prevent the buildup of germs and dirt by cleaning the ice station daily.

6. Don’t forget to clean the blades of overhead fans and light fixtures as these are prime places for dust, grease and grime to collect.

7. At least once a month – ideally once a week – take the time to pull all appliances away from the walls and wash the area. You can be sure that a health inspector will check here!

8. Do not forget to pull out the fridge and clean the coils! This will keep the fridge working properly so that the items in the fridge stay at the proper temperature.

9. At least every couple of days, have someone hose down the area outside by the garbage bins. This will keep rats, flies and other unwanted creatures from being too close to your restaurant. Also, a clean dumpster does not put out bad smells like a dirty one will, so that means that when customers arrive, they smell the food, not trash!

Commercial kitchen cleaning is not something that can be ignored. It must often be done and should never be thought of as a “perhaps tomorrow” part of the job. However, it can take the time to do the jobs correctly. So, many restaurant owners opt to hire someone else to come in do the cleaning for them, so that the can focus on what they love.

There are commercial kitchen cleaning companies in every city who are happy to take on these jobs. Look around your area for a commercial kitchen cleaning company who can best meet your needs.

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