Restaurant hood cleaning Northern Illinois

Restaurant Hood Cleaning Northern Illinois

Restaurant Hood Cleaning Northern Illinois

Keeping a commercial kitchen clean is not easy, but it is essential for running a restaurant. Restaurant hood cleaning Northern Illinois, is the removal of grease that has accumulated in the vents, ducts, fans, and hoods of exhaust systems of a commercial kitchen.

Uncleaned kitchen exhaust hood systems can accumulate a high amount of grease to become fire hazards. Routine inspection of exhaust systems, at intervals consistent with usage, is very important. It will help to determine whether Restaurant hood cleaning Northern Illinois, is necessary before a dangerous amount of grease accumulates.

Understanding Hood Cleaning Processes

Firstly, RPW ProWash’s professional hood cleaners scrap clean the exhaust system. Sometimes scraping is not necessary if you have maintained your kitchen exhaust hood system properly.

The cleaners then wash clean your kitchen exhaust systems with safe caustic chemicals and hot water pressure-washing (where possible) to collect water and the dissolved grease safely.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has outlined cleaning guidelines for commercial kitchen exhaust systems. The volume of grease-laden vapors drawn up through the hood plenum and the types of food being cooked determines the cleaning frequency. Typical cleaning intervals are monthly, every 2 months, quarterly, semiannually and annually.

Use of Caustic chemicals

Our professional Restaurant hood cleaning Northern Illinois cleaners apply caustic chemicals to break down the grease. They then use hot water to rinse away the residue. The cleaners apply the chemicals with a chemical foamer, a garden-type sprayer, or downstream injection through a pressure washer.

Once they apply the chemicals, they allow it to dwell on the grease surface for some time, before washing it off with hot water. In some extreme situations, the grease buildup might too heavy for chemical application and rinsing. Therefore, our Rockford restaurant hood cleaners may use scrapers to remove excess buildup from the surfaces, before applying chemicals.

Hot Water Pressure-Washing

Our professional Restaurant hood cleaning Northern Illinois cleaners, Rockford can use machines that boil water and then apply it water under pressures up to 14,000 kPa. As a common preparation method, the cleaners first clip heavy-duty tarps to the hoods and then angle them into plastic garbage cans to collect the run-off.

As the cans are filled, they dispose of the contents successively. It is advisable to remove grease instead of emptying it into the local drains to avoid clogging. Improper horizontal duct cleaning can cause excessive grease buildup in inaccessible ductwork.

Steam cleaners can move grease further into the grease ductwork, causing massive grease accumulations between the hood and fan on the restaurant roof. Companies that use hot water methods should use a caustic chemical degreaser to break down grease so that the buildup in inaccessible areas can be removed by flushing the system with caustic degreaser agents and hot water.

Restaurant hood cleaning Northern Illinois

Restaurants hood cleaners Northern Illinois from RPW ProWash will polish hoods for improved appearance and easier cleaning. They put a certification sticker to the hood of your cleaned kitchen exhaust system. So that the authority having jurisdiction, health inspectors and insurance companies can check for compliance with the fire safety codes.

Finally, our cleaners can use vinegar and warm water to remove any white residue left after the restaurant hood cleaning, Northern Illinois.

Are you looking for a safe, efficient and effective restaurant hood cleaning service in Northern Illinois? Call RPW ProWash today at (779) 348-3135 for a free, no-obligation quote.

Restaurant hood cleaning Northern Illinois

Restaurant hood cleaning Northern Illinois


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