Rockford Wood Deck Restoration

Rockford Wood Deck Restoration

Rockford Wood Deck Restoration

3 Key Benefits of Wood Deck Restoration, Rockford, IL

Spring is here! It is perfect time to fix some of the exterior components of your home that last year’s seasonal elements may have ravaged. You need to breathe some life back into your wood deck. Read on to understand the benefits of Rockford wood deck restoration.

What Is Wood Deck Restoration?

Rockford Wood deck restoration, Rockford, IL can a simple or a more intensive job. It depends on the age and condition of your deck. Your wood deck may need a full restoration treatment if you have neglected it for a long period. However, if your deck is only several years old, then it may need a good cleaning and a fresh coat of hand-brushed stain to regain its former glory.

What Causes Damage To Your Wood Deck Over Time?

The original stain weakens gradually with every step taken across the surface of your deck. Wood deck damage is seldom avoidable due to its outdoor location and predisposition to high foot traffic.

The same goes for exposure to different weather elements (hail, snow, rain, etc.) can wreak havoc on the integrity of the porous exterior of your deck. Fortunately, regular wood deck restoration, Rockford, IL can ensure your deck stays in good working condition for years – if not decades – to come.

Benefits Of Wood Deck Restoration – Rockford, IL

As we mentioned above, deck restoration can be a simple or demanding process, depending on its current condition. Either way, you will eventually achieve the same benefits of wood deck restoration, including:

  1. Add Value To Your Home

A newly restored wood deck can be an asset. However, an unmaintained wood deck is considered as a financial liability for those looking to sell and/or buy a home. In fact, a well-maintained deck can recoup up to 90% of the value that you spent to build and install it.

  1. Increased Visual Appeal

Sine wood is both fibrous and porous. Each board has its unique granular signature that’s highlighted by a fresh coat of stain. Therefore, it will give your deck a finish like no other. That is why the first thing you’ll notice when you re-stain your deck is an upgrade in its visual appeal.

  1. Prevent The Deck From Rotting

The wood will start to deteriorate if you don’t re-stain your deck regularly. In severe cases, the wood deck can rot away, forcing you to spend an unnecessary amount of money to replace the failing components or even rebuilt your entire deck. Because you want to prevent this from happening, you should re-stain your deck at least every two to three years.

Rockford Wood Deck Restoration

Do you want to restore your deck like new again? Don’t go the journey alone! We are here to help you. RPW ProWash offers high-quality Rockford wood deck restoration services at affordable rates. Feel free to request a free, no obligation quote. Call us today at (779) 348-3135.

We look forward to working with you!

Rockford Wood Deck Restoration


Rockford Wood Deck Restoration


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