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Tips For Choosing A Kitchen Filter Cleaning Company

Hiring a professional kitchen filter cleaning company is a very important decision. However, choosing the best company can be an overwhelming task, especially if you live in an area, such as Rockford, IL, with many options.

While there are different cleaning standards and guidelines to follow for different types of kitchen equipment, the overarching questions you need to ask remain the same for any Rockford commercial kitchen cleaning company regardless of the specific job.

What Should I Ask When Hiring A Commercial Kitchen Filter Cleaning Company?

The first step in identifying the best kitchen filter cleaning service, Rockford, IL you can hire is to inquire about the following topics:

  1. Education, Accreditations, and Experience

Is the company educated, professionally trained, certified, familiar with NFPA-96 guidelines, and can clean your kitchen filter properly? You should confirm all these before choosing a company.

Within this realm, you need to find out how the company trains their employees and if those employees have any credentials. You should also ask how long the company has been in kitchen filter cleaning business and any other relevant questions regarding certifications.

  1. Licensing, Liability Insurance and Bond

Mistakes can happen. Ensure that the insurance for monetary damage, physical damage, and any other incidentals is very good on both the company’s side and your side. Therefore, if something goes wrong, you’ll be covered.

  1. Knowledge of NFPA-96

You should avoid kitchen fires at all cost. Ensure that the commercial kitchen filter cleaning company, Rockford, IL is conversant with the fire codes and knows what to do in the event of a fire outbreak.

They should identify the potential risks and how to avoid them. Also, ask about their cleaning to bare metal methods.

  1. General Knowledge of Cleaning Conduct

Do they follow the general kitchen cleaning procedures? A company should send a lead technician to meet the owner of the restaurant first. The technician will wrap the equipment in plastic, provide photos, degrease foam, and get the details of your kitchen filter cleaning, Rockford, IL. You can do some light quizzing if you feel like it’s necessary.

  1. Understanding of Cleaning Methods for All Equipment and Appliances

This is imperative if you have a kitchen that is not quite standard. Ensure the company you choose uses the equipment that can work in your establishment and clean your kitchen filter properly. Go for a company that uses safe and legal cleaning agents. If you would want the kitchen filter cleaning service to use a specific agent, find one that can do as you instruct.

  1. Protocols To Protect Your Business and The Equipment

This is a critical one! You should go over their methods of establishment protection and equipment protection very carefully. Ask any questions that you may have. Explain carefully any specific details of your kitchen filter that the cleaner should look out for.

  1. Reports Provided After Finishing the Job

After finishing the kitchen filter-cleaning job, the cleaning company should give you a report showing the details of what they cleaned, what differences the company made, and if they discovered anything that you should pay special attention to, like an excess buildup of grease or broken machinery. Find out what the company offers and ensure sure it’s up to par.

  1. Do They Offer Guaranteed Service, and If So, What It Is?

Ask what the kitchen filter cleaning company promises. Check their bare minimum. Ensure that the minimum is not too sparse or small. The guarantee should cover vital areas such as professionalism and safe, professional cleaning methods.

Check the cleaning company will be reliable in Rockford, IL. Also, ensure you go over “money-back” guarantees closely. Keep your eyes open for any hidden fees or fines, the purposely-confusing language in the contract or a company employee avoiding answering some questions.

  1. Reference From Current and Previous Clients

A good kitchen filter cleaning company like RPW ProWash will have lists of their happy clients and good reviews. Even though you may be competing with them, that one restaurant could turn out to be your best friend when it comes to finding the best kitchen filter cleaning service, Rockford, IL! Check the reviews of other restaurants regarding the service of a particular company.

Commercial Kitchen Filter Cleaning, Rockford, IL

The risks of failure to clean your kitchen filter thoroughly -without the help of a professional- outweigh any money you can save.  Once you have had a highly trained expert, like RPW ProWash, you will never make kitchen filter cleaning a DIY job again!

Whether your business needs monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual kitchen filter cleaning, you can always count on us.

If you run a restaurant in Rockford, IL, do not wait until there is a fire outbreak in your kitchen before you decide you need kitchen filter cleaning service. If you want to schedule a commercial kitchen filter cleaning, call RPW ProWash today at (779) 348-3135!

Kitchen Filter Cleaning


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